What is your story?

This week, I chose a topic which I’ve seen on Richard Byrne’s blog.

As a future English teacher, I think it’s really important to get my students to learn about English culture, not only its grammar rules. I think the Myths and Legends website could help me do that.

This website has mainly been designed for students and teachers. It provides a list of myths and legends which come from different regions of England and some other parts of the world. There is a function allowing you to see the text of the story. You can also choose to play the audio part, where a voice reads the story aloud to your students. They can follow along with the text and you can even print it to distribute it to the students so that they can work on it afterwards. At the end of each story, there is a gallery where you can see pictures associated with it. There is another function where you can find out the origins of the story that the students have read. Finally (and most importantly), there is a section dedicated to teachers with a list of ideas for lessons.

In addition to providing a list of myths and legends, the website has another really amazing tool that is called StoryCreator2. It allows your students to create their own story using various tools to make it look like a real storybook. For example, you can get your students to record their own voice as they narrate their story. You can even make them record different voices for their characters.

The teachers who want to use it need to register their school first. Although there is a small subscription fee, it is definitely worth it because you can accomplish so much with this tool. To give you a few ideas, I recommend you consult this blog.

My personal favorites are “Create a legend about the city where you live”, “Rewrite the story from a different perspective” and “write a biography of one of the characters that most interests you”.

The website provides directives to use the website but you could also look at some tutorials on YouTube to help you get started.

Basically, I would use this tool so that students can have an overview of some of the beliefs that exist around the world. I would probably make them do an activity on the similarities between both their culture and that of people from England or another country. It is important that my students realize that they are not only learning a language to please their parents or because it’s part of their school curriculum. I want them to understand that by learning a language, they open a door to a really larger world. Creating their own myth or legend is also a good opportunity to make them realize what they would have to share to others about their own culture.


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