It’s called Crocodoc but it surely won’t bite

This week, the tool I discovered is called Crocodoc.

It is a web application that allows you to upload Microsoft Office documents of PDF files and modify them. In fact, the functions of this web app allow you to highlight, take notes and add comments directly on the document you have uploaded. There are some tutorials online that can help you get started with the application. It’s actually really user-friendly because you don’t need to register to have access to the documents. When you upload a document in Crocodoc, the application creates an URL link for the document and that is what you share with others.

In the classroom, I could use this website to correct my students’ papers. I could use the “note” function and comment on what they are missing or what they should add. I can even directly write on their document or highlight the parts that they need to work on.

Also, as Richard Byrne mentioned, I could ask my students to use Crocodoc for peer editing. Students could leave comment on other students’ work and they could even work on a project together without constantly deleting the version of the others (as it would do with a tool like Google Docs, for example).

Also, as stated on this blog, I could use it to modify files or course notes that I would have done in the past. For example, I could add little notes on it as reminders or I could underline parts which I think I should put more emphasis on.

Finally, as I read here, Crocodoc made a major improvement from their original version. Indeed, they allowed its users to annotate websites. This is really great because I could ask my students to read information on a webpage and to give their opinion or underline the main ideas directly on the page. They could then send me the URL corresponding to their work and I could see what they did. That way, I would know if they got the information right. Of course, you can understand that the possibilities are greater if I do it that way than if I have to print all the text from the webpages and bring a copy in class for each student.

I think Crocodoc is a real time saver and I’m sure that it will become one of the most used tools for annotating documents in the future. I know I’ll start to use it right away!


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